Temple Body (Remnants of a Lasting Space) – T. E. Hieatt


Temple Body (Remnants of a Lasting Space)

by T. E. Hieatt

I belong to no one.
In this temple, I worship unto myself.
“Rage, rage” against the dying of the heart.

Remnants of a lasting space.
Fires that do not die.
Cold wind constricting skin,
and infrared heat from the Sun
soaking in.

Hear that?
It’s the music in the mountain.
an avalanche of energy with
wave patterns cascading
down the physics of a slope
gravity accelerating velocity at 9.8m/s2

And I stretch wide across the electromagnetic spectrum
hoping my hands can reach beyond the remnants of this last space.
And as each part of me shifts in frequency with the next band,
as the x-rays sear and mutate, as the microwaves cook and boil,
as the gamma pulls me apart back to the original.

I long to watch the particles start at the tips of my fingers
to find their electron bonds loosened
and the grip of my own hand unto itself come undone
and the carbon, hydrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen in my skin

These base elements
go on
find your way home.
on your own.
Take away into space and fly free
red shift, blue shift.
it doesn’t matter


[Note: Image above is a 1944 Chart of Electromagnetic Radiations by H. E. Brown of the United States. Edited by Arthur H. Compton. Compiled by R.J. Stephenson and D.L. Barr. Produced by W.M. Welch Manufacturing Co. By Morgan Howarth, Virginia Can be purchased at Imagekind]

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  • http://davidmmorton.com David M. Morton

    A great poem about obliteration. Back to the old elements.

    • http://degeneratematterstudios.com T. E. Hieatt

      Thank you, David. That’s right.