“The Indians accept Jesus on the Cross amid all the rest of the wonders. The presence of Jesus on the Cross, or the pitiful Mary Mother, does not in the least prevent the strange intensity of the wardance. The brave comes home with a scalp. In the morning he goes to Mass. Two mysteries! The soul of man is the theatre in which every mystery is enacted. Jesus, Mary, the snake-dance, red blood on the knife: it is all the rippling of this untellable flood of creation, which, in a narrow sense, we call Nature.”

― D. H. Lawrence

(Mornings in Mexico and Other Essays)

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  • T. E. Hieatt

    This is an important point historically. Attempts to convert North American Indians to protestant Christianity seemed successful initially, but the concept of “converting” was a failure. Missionaries and ministers wanted American Indians to give up their entire worldview and embrace the WASP one. Instead North American Indians, simply saw the figures of Christianity as additional spiritual beings in the cosmic thread they were already familiar with.